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Founded in 2019, Global Technia consulting condenses more than 20 years of experience in the mission critical infrastructure sector, in both Spain and Southeast Asia, where as B-barcelona consulting has developed large-scale CPD projects

Our mission is to offer complete engineering and architecture services in critical mission and energy infrastructure sectors, in accordance with the vision of turning the company into a global benchmark in the sector, consolidating its current position.

Our main objective is to provide value to our customers, based on a detailed understanding of their needs and expectations, through a multidisciplinary approach, from architectural design to the calculation and definition of any type of technical facility.

Global Technia has a strong commitment for innovation and leading technologies, as well as in the implementation of new strategies for sustainable buildings. From our understanding, the best strategy is a transversal approach from the first stages of design towards the full utilization of the building, by considering the its whole life-cycle.





Although Global Technia is settled in Barcelona, it is a joint office which works collaboratively with Singapore’s, in order to better respond to our customers from Asia and Europe. Duality allows us to assign and settle on site specialists for each of the projects at any time, in Global Technia the sun never sets.



Under the scope of Global Technia two disciplines can be found, engineering and architecture. But most important is that they are merged together. The idea of ​​approaching projects from two points of view, since the conception of the idea, allows us to provide creative, innovative, functional, sustainable and, above all, achievable solutions. Our design never walks alone, it is always accompanied by the appropriate technology.



Global Technia itself is a recently registered company, but the people that founded it, state over 25 years of experience. This gives us the energy, enthusiasm and freshness of youth combined with the wisdom and experience gained over many years working on projects and construction survey




- DESIGN:  GLOBAL TECHNIA is able to offer from the first conceptual idea to a complete project, including on site management. Our members have coursed their degrees in Barcelona allowing them to freely exercise all over Europe, but complemented by our  local partners we can satisfy customers around the world, including those who require a turnkey project.  


- AUDITS AND INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS: But not only can we offer new projects, our clients often find themselves with outdated or high energy-consuming infrastructures. GLOBAL TECHNIA audits and assesses them, proposing innovative solutions which seeking maximum simplicity and minimizing investment and future operational costs.






Global Technia has never seeked an enormous office structure, since this greatly impedes the personalized control of each project, we are not a factory to make projects, we are a tailor that makes a tailored suit of each client.



Barcelona is our origin, and is the experience gained in this city that we want to share with all of you. Therefore, our core stays in Catalonia. Moreover, since 2011, we have a Singapore based structure to closely relation with the clients with a daily communication.


Global Technia has always worked closely with experts in the various subjects that can embrace a project: Civil and Structure, environmental consultancies, telecommunication specialists, and many others. This flexibility in configuring work structures allows us to offer the client the most suitable services under a single multidisciplinary team, led by us. On the other hand, in Southeast Asia we have an important network of local collaborators that can bring added value in all the countries, where we have projects. When we seek for a partner we look beyond a "signature" for permits; The importance of a good partner with local knowledge is crucial for and excellent outcome.


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